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Bee Pollen

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pszczoła z pyłkiem pszczelim kwiatowym

Bee pollen is a highly nutritious and valuable source of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Flower pollen is the male reproductive cells produced by flowers. Plants produce it in large quantities to increase the chances of fertilization. For this to occur, the pollen must reach the stigma of the pistil from the anthers.

Bees collect pollen from flowers, mix it with a bit of honey, and transfer it to the hive in the form of small pellets. It serves as the primary food for bees.

Bee pollen can be partly harvested by beekeepers using pollen traps. Afterward, it is dried, frozen, or preserved in other ways. It is a valuable nutritional and medicinal product.

Due to its composition, it is often called a "vitamin bomb." It finds special applications in recovery, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, digestive system disorders, and liver issues. For years, flower bee pollen has been successfully used in the treatment of prostate enlargement. Pollen therapy improves well-being, boosts vitality, and enhances the body's immunity against infections.

The richest in mineral and medicinal properties is the pollen collected from as many different plant species as possible.

Bee pollen also has a positive impact on skin health and is increasingly used in cosmetics.

Another important feature of bee pollen is its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is recommended for throat and oral cavity inflammations, especially when combined with propolis, also known as bee glue. Bee pollen is also used in allergy treatment, particularly for hay fever and asthma.

If bee pollen remains in the hive for an extended period, the bees themselves preserve it by storing it in cells, covering it with honey, and sealing it with wax. Over time, it undergoes some changes, and then it is called "bee bread." Bees store this form of pollen during autumn and winter when it is not readily available.

It is essential to remember that consuming flower pollen is best done by dissolving it in water to enhance its absorption.

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