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Rapeseed Honey

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Pszczoła na rzepakuRapeseed honey is a very popular type of honey in our country. It is easily recognizable by its very light color.

In its liquid form, it has a straw-yellow color, but after crystallization, it takes on a pale yellow, creamy hue. Due to its high glucose content, rapeseed honey is rarely found in its liquid form. It usually crystallizes within a few days after being harvested by the bees, and sometimes even while still in the honeycombs. To enjoy rapeseed honey in its liquid state, it's best to purchase it during its harvest time, around May and June. Nevertheless, crystallized honey does not lose any of its beneficial properties, and when heated to become liquid again, it loses many of its benefits.

The significant amount of potassium in this honey naturally regulates the body's potassium levels. It also helps to prevent atherosclerosis, improves the oxygen supply to the heart muscle, and provides essential nutrients. Additionally, it lowers blood pressure, and when applied externally to burns, it helps prevent the formation of blisters.

Rapeseed honey is recommended for various internal organ conditions, including the pancreas, kidneys, and liver. Like other types of honey, it possesses anti-atherosclerotic properties, lowers blood pressure, and provides nutrients to the heart. Due to its high glucose content, it is recommended for conditions of physical or mental exhaustion or during periods of strenuous physical or mental work. The texture of crystallized honey is often described as "creamy" and is perfect for spreading on bread or adding to beverages. Consuming honey daily as an addition to lukewarm tea, chilled honey-sweetened lemonade, or in its pure form is highly beneficial to the body. Consistent consumption ensures a continuous supply of beneficial components that have a wide range of applications.


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