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Multifloral Honey

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miód wielokwiatowyMultifloral Honey is the most commonly encountered bee product and is incredibly delicious.

It is characterized by a variety of ingredients and flavors. Its color and taste depend on the types of pollen it contains, the region from which it was harvested, and the apiary.

One can mention spring multifloral honeys with light colors and delicate flavors. Honeys from mid-summer often contain nectar from lime or mustard flowers. Those harvested in autumn might include buckwheat and sunflower.

Multifloral honeys are often recommended for pollen allergies. Chewing a honeycomb supposedly helps build immunity against certain highly allergenic flower pollen.

It is also used in cardiovascular diseases, liver and gallbladder issues, as well as for treating colds and flu.

Depending on the time of harvesting, multifloral honey can have varying colors, ranging from light cream to tea-colored. After crystallization, its color changes to light gray or light brown.

The aroma of this honey is very potent and sometimes reminiscent of beeswax. Its taste is highly diverse, depending on the floral nectar it contains. However, it is typically sweet and very mild.



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